Collection: Garchy Collection

We're thrilled to introduce you to Garchy!

Garchy approached the GARF to discuss how he could help the Foundation, but the meeting was a bit one-sided due to a slight communication problem: Garchy is a zombie. He groans, grunts, chortles, and gets distracted whenever he sees a delicious stuffed animal (which is all he ever eats), but he cannot all. 

As the meeting began, it was – as expected – all moans and gurgles... incomprehensible gibberish to most of us. But to Suzanne Romero, his grumbles are completely intelligible! So far, she's the only person capable of understanding him.

Curious, snarky, and more than a little brain-dead, Garchy has quickly become a core member of the GARF team. He’s dead-icated to sharing his love of horror and staying connected with our community. 

Let's hear it for the Garch!