Introducing Garchy !

The GARF is excited to introduce you to a new friend who has emerged from the dark recesses of Jaimie & Jessica Craddock’s weird, wonderful workshop: Garchy!

The GARF's founder & president Suzanne Romero recently met with Garchy to discuss how he might help the Foundation, and to persuade him to meet with the rest of our team. He cheerfully agreed to do so, but there is one slight problem...

Garchy is a zombie.

The team was concerned that the meeting
might be a trifle one-sided, since ––

Garchy cannot speak…at all.

He groans, grunts, and laughs, and he tends to get distracted whenever he sees a delicious stuffed animal...

(Did we mention that those are all he eats?)

But then something remarkable happened:

Suz was able understand Garchy’s unintelligible grumbles as if he was speaking English. As she is the only one who can do so, she helps us translate his messages and social posts. For instance...

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And now Garchy has his own line of fun souvenirs!